Collective Sun

Do you want to join sharing the sun, make the sun a collective experience?

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Live view of all collected sun-lovers scholing around. You can join, go to:

Boost your placebo vitamin D, social capability and vitality. You will find yourself virtually recharging whilst facing and sharing the eternal fire, the sun.

***Daily intake required to become a healthy shiny placebo person***

A sphere with your face will pop up next to all other sun-lovers. An organism composed of collective energy will start to shine!

Launched on the 21th of december, the longest night. Supported by NONA Mechelen. Developed in collaboration with Vincent Van Dijck.

Radio In Between Spaces interview

Far from producing a homogenous cultural space, the program series In Between Spaces generates new aesthetic hybrids and cultural spaces of possibility between pop and avant-garde, tradition and experiment. It takes a sensitive look at the so-called “global music”; in a world of multiple moderns, in which rural life, urbanity and digital networking are closely intertwined.

Kindertekeningen 2020

Kindertekeningen, booklet made in Samenschool printatelier. 
Drawings made by me when I was 7 until 15 years old.
Risoprint in 4 colors: black, blue, red and yellow.

Every street is a playground

Every street is a playground is a series of workshops-demonstrations organized together with Inés Ballesteros and in collaboration with the festival Stormopkomst addressing kids of various ages. During the workshop we work with visual and sound tools around the idea of manifestation, asking the kids what do they want to stand for, what are their desires, vindications, complaints, etc. After the workshop kids come together for a protest in public space.


"No more bed time" (c) Ruby Renteurs



Koorvorming ONLINE

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Welcome at Koorvorming ONLINE:

A wonderful chaosworld where Energies between People will be displayed.

You can Join and Sing along, Improvise, and become fluid!

Go to

At certain moments you will get live video-guidance for singing together.

A graphic score will be shown to guide you through the play.

This is an experiment on how to sing together and make a choir. Being in our domestic places all singing together. The outcome is a choir of all people participating, all the collected streams trying to find each other's vibe and motion. There will be all kinds of energies floating in the air, feeling, and feeding an unconscious collective.

Research started during Radio In Between Spaces:

Selected performances: 
at Sankt-Interface 2020 Linz (see performance here
at Audio Art Festival 2020, Krakow in a Post-Paradise program: (see performance here).


A booklet with drawings of ongoing projects and idea's.
Printed on the Risograph of Samenschool:
Order here!


Flowerpower poster A2 paint, pencils and markers made in collaboration with Jesus Eloy

People were invited to join an experience to plant  the Flowerpower, a collective energy that emerges from coming together, singing and improvising.
The Flowerpower-installation shows and stimulates present and upcoming energies. The installation consists of a big flower-figure (hanging above our heads)
where 30 flower-heads (the halfs of plastic yoga-balls with little speakers) are hanging.  Maximum 30 people can join the experience by wearing this flower-heads.
In the middle are 15 flower-microphones who catch all the voices of the participants installed in a flower-figure microphone standard.
During the experience you could hear the other voices with slightly shifting volumes.
Also Instructions/ suggestions were given by listening in to the little speakers. Some of them:
- Feel the connection with the other flower-minds
- Increase tone rapidly - higher
- Repeat what you just have heard
- Give more space to the other flower-minds
- Improvise by listening/ move by watching
- …

This is a research for measuring the energies between people.
There will come more Flowerpower-sessions in the future!

Special thanks to Jesus Eloy, Sjoerd Leijten and Vincent Van Dijck!

Forbidden City, Antwerp, 2019

By Jo Caimo

During the Flowerpower experience - photo's by Bernadette Zdrazil

The day after - photo by Patries Wichers

Jacket made by Jesus Eloy for me to wear during the happening.

the making off in artist-run-media-space ToitoiDrome - photo by Jesus Eloy

Flowerpower the Movement

Noordkasteel Antwerpen 2019 -  foto's by Mark Rietveld

Exciting Research

A world where everyone’s mask seems to fall off and where social interconnectivity is made aware. It can break the ice and change social constructions by making everybody more ‘sensitive’.  A less-hierarchical sharing space. Your subconsciousness is ‘vulnerably’ shown with your consent, because you agreed on showing it, by wearing it. Subconscious collective behaviour is measured, visualised and further stimulated. The body, its relations and exchange with other bodies and the context open a framework where technology serves as a canvas to paint our emotions.

‘Can we learn more about social interactions as cyborgs?’

While wearing the device you can not see your own color, the device shows extra (extravert) information without you controlling it. With the MOODY® you will grow a new cyborg sense, an extension of your body and a new reality for the others around you, something that couldn’t be ‘reachable’ in normal social interactions.

Sunscreen Sunbathing Sunstream


For both external and internal use:
External: apply sunscreen before sunbathing.
Internal: energy paste with cacao butter, sun powder and Vitamine D.


Sunscreen Sunbathing Sunstream, installation-performance, SMAK, Gent(B) 2017

Recommended to use 3D-glasses!

Human Organ Concerto

Human Organ Concerto is an audio-visual installation that has to be ‘performed’ by the audience.
An organ is being controlled by the rhythm of breathing of maximum 10 people. They breath through a wireless device that translates their breath into 4 electric pulses, which is connected to 4 different tones of a pipe-organ.

This installation is established with the help of Sjoerd Leijten, Boris Van Heerden, Overtoon, Stormopkomst, WERKTANK, Imal and the builder of the organ from Groningen, father of Marga. There are posters screenprinted by 1STE VERDIEP

During de Biënnale van België, In De Ruimte, Ghent, 2017

At 2m3 Brussels (BE) - Ademen voor volwassenen, 2017


Music for the unconscious collective

Photos made in Quartair Den Haag by Ed Jansen

Koorvorming is a participatory performance. The audience is invited to sing together following a prerecorded voice, which functions as a musical score. The score is played over an array of custom made earpieces. Participants are blindfolded. One ear is used to listen to the score over the earpiece, while the other is closed with a earplug, so while singing participants are unaware of what is happening around them. Immediately after the performance every participant receives a CD with the audio recording of the performance and they can listen to it at home.

Installation-performance made possible by the support of iii

Artikel in a German local newspaper

Mega Solo Ensemble

Sirenas, collage, 2015

Solo exhibition in the Pink House as artistic leader of the Megaphone-Ensemble about structures, drawings and partituur used with performances depending on the environment. The installation-exhibition is again a new structure to participate in the ensemble and a suggestion to go on the streets.

poster/flyer silk-screened with Johann Kauth

+ the VHS-screening ELA, a collection of performances with sound-recordings, images and video.

op KERM-Label: