Flowerpower poster A2 paint, pencils and markers made in collaboration with Jesus Eloy

People were invited to join an experience to plant  the Flowerpower, a collective energy that emerges from coming together, singing and improvising.
The Flowerpower-installation shows and stimulates present and upcoming energies. The installation consists of a big flower-figure (hanging above our heads)
where 30 flower-heads (the halfs of plastic yoga-balls with little speakers) are hanging.  Maximum 30 people can join the experience by wearing this flower-heads.
In the middle are 15 flower-microphones who catch all the voices of the participants installed in a flower-figure microphone standard.
During the experience you could hear the other voices with slightly shifting volumes.
Also Instructions/ suggestions were given by listening in to the little speakers. Some of them:
- Feel the connection with the other flower-minds
- Increase tone rapidly - higher
- Repeat what you just have heard
- Give more space to the other flower-minds
- Improvise by listening/ move by watching
- …

This is a research for measuring the energies between people.
There will come more Flowerpower-sessions in the future!

Special thanks to Jesus Eloy, Sjoerd Leijten and Vincent Van Dijck!

Forbidden City, Antwerp, 2019

By Jo Caimo

During the Flowerpower experience - photo's by Bernadette Zdrazil

The day after - photo by Patries Wichers

Jacket made by Jesus Eloy for me to wear during the happening.

the making off in artist-run-media-space ToitoiDrome - photo by Jesus Eloy

Flowerpower the Movement

Noordkasteel Antwerpen 2019 -  foto's by Mark Rietveld