(Placebo) Vitamine D!

The sun is now live available on the internet!
If you sit in front of your computer and it rains outside, you might get a lack of sunlight. This may cause depression.
By going to, you will find yourself virtually recharging whilst staring into the eternal fire, the sun. 

***Daily intake required to become a healthy shiny placebo person***


If you go to the left with your mouse a userfriendly platform appears for all the appearances of SUNSTREAM.TV


!! SUN APPLICATION on your smartphone !!


 - In Situ - internet, computer, beamer - trappenhal Offerlaan, Ghent (B) - 2013

Live feed of the sun retro-projected with a beamer on a semi-transparent satellite dish, internet, hook, string, steel tube, 2014 in a group exhibition: Mind the Gap, Waregem (B) - 2014 in a group exhibition: Medium of Everything, Zwarte Zaal, Kask Gent (B) - 2014

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