InnerRhythms: Exploring the stomach with a bluetooth-call + the documentary of the bluetooth

A picture of the bluetooth and the pillcam after their voyage-2013    


Bluetooth spotted by PillCam - videostill of the documentary of the bluetooth - 2013   

V2 - Rotterdam Swallowing a bluetooth.


Exploring the stomach with a bluetooth-call + the Documentary of the bluetooth

What you hear is the launch of a bluetooth.
A bluetooth is a hands-free Bluetooth earpiece for a phone.
For my own protection, I cut off the ear of the bluetooth so it is easier to swallow
and I put the bluetooth in 2 finger-cundoms.
I will swallow the bluetooth to show you live the rhythms of my inner.
Connected with a smartphone and via Skype to here, you will hear me while I can have a normal day, walking around, do what I want.

In de Brakke Grond - IDFA - Amsterdam - swallowing a bluetooth : 21-11-2013, 14u14

Installation pictures de Brakke Grond:

In a publication and exhibition as 
Nominated artist of the New Technological Art Award: Update_5

Installation-view at the expo 'Onderweg' 2017