Released by Sorry-label, 2016

op KERM-Label:

a contemporary orchestra
... the murmur rises, increasing its volume to become a reverberating noise; energies that collect in a movement of sudden physicality, fragmenting, after melting again. What lies behind the door, below the surface or inside the wall? The infrastructures of the streets, canals, and buildings are swallowed and become the site for so many potential uprisings...
The urge to play, to shout ‘we are here!’ to squat and take over a space only for the length of the performance, to use the format of a demonstration to demonstrate the format of a demonstration. To demonstrate what it is to perform, to demonstrate the space where the performance takes place. To hack into a buildings’ hidden layers with- out any physical force.
The space has a voice of its own in all the echoes, resonance, feedback, undertones and overtones. Sometimes it is whining, sometimes it seems to crack under the weight of the noise, everything is vibrating. The sound that expands according to the acoustical dynamics of a given space, it disorients its origin, supplanting the source with an array of projections and propagations, splintering the vector in multiple events. You start to hear the space inside and in between of the ever changing sound, the small glimpse of harmony which is suddenly broken by another stream, there is no way back.
How does architecture influence sound? What happens when everything is moving and the noise seems to swallow you, takes you to the inner world of a body which is not yours... Who is the director? When the sound stops you hear the silence and the sonic body floats away, you wake up.
Maybe this is the Megaphone Ensemble, a possession of a power which has no direction, nor a specific subject to command. A sound sculpture in the most literary sense possible. A parallel world in which the space and the sound suddenly start to combine their energy by creating a fictive landscape.
Text: Katinka de Jonge


Composition for one pendejo with 4 megaphones in an echo-chamber , t'schip Tetterode, Amsterdam (NL), 2013

Collage of captured footage of the MEGAPHONE-ENSEMBLE(Int) in central-station Antwerp (B)
Played by Johann, Eva, Mike, Tomås, Siet, Bert, Max, Joris, Warre and me and  Sjoerd and Olle joint the ensemble with their project with Bikes called Volle Band.

AOUIE: the Megaphone-ENSEMBLE was wandering in Aalst. Connected via Skype in the exhibition called Virus in Netwerk.

Nonlocal Megaphone Landscapes - Chile 2015 with Nicolàs, Tomàs and Siet.

# (=varius/variable playground of the Megaphone-ENSEMBLE):
Composition for # pendejos with # megaphones (and # walkie talkies) in # spaces with # transport-possibilities.

People played in the ensemble:

Orphan Fairytale, Diane Rabreau, Sammy Deceulaer, Weird Dust, Bear Bones_Lay Low, Sjoerd Leijten, Maika Garnica, Nick Leijten, Angelique Juliet, Jonas Vanhullebusch, Samuel Vanclooster, Serena Emiliani, Thomas Van Wallle, Liesbeth Grupping, Bolwerk, Bert Lezy, Jan Techniks, Joris Derycke, Liesje De laet, Erin Helsen, Sabbo, Johann Kauth, Tomàs Dittborn, Siet Raeymaekers, Max Pairon, Katinka de Jonge, Gabriela Gonzalez, Isabel Tesfazghi, Sebastiaan Dingens, Ed van der Ven, Bert Jacobs, Rufus Mich, Warre Fungus, Carl Cappelle, False Sir Nicolàs, Micha, Edwardo, Mathias Mu, ... 
Choreography-supervisor: Jorge Guevara

Played and evolved in:

- Stuk-Start, STUK, Leuven, 2016

- Reunion, Lisboa, 2016

- NDSM-werf Amsterdam with Publiek ENSEMBLE; an international production of the Megaphone-Ensemble with Volle Band and Goeroe Khalid, 2015-2016

- (Be a part in) the Opera HRSCHZMERZ of Champd’action, AB Brussels, Voortuit Ghent, De Singel Ant- werp, 2015

- AOUIE: the Megaphone-ENSEMBLE was wandering in Aalst. Connected via Skype in the Exhibition called Virus in Netwerk, 2014

- Mini-tour:
 - Convoi Exceptionel, on the Nescio-Bridge, Volle Band, Amsterdam, 2014
 - MonoPoly#2, Street races to a private bar , Tienen, 2014
 - Abstract NYTE, Walkie Talkie Connection Freeform Orkane, Klein Eiland, Brussel, 2014
   People of the ensemble:
   Eva, Diane, Mike, Katinka, Erin, Isabel, Siet, Ernesto, Johann, Joris, Edwardo, Micha, Ariel, Jo, …

- Medium of Everything, Opening-invasion of the whole Bijloke-complex, reported by Joris De Rycke, Played by Bert, Mike, Max, Diane, Ed and me, the Bijloke-site, School of Arts, Gent, 2014

Permitted Fruit/Climax Denial Tour with Orphan Fairytale, Fyoelk, Tav Exotic and Outmode - France, Portugal, Spain, Switserland, Germany, 2014

- Traffic#1, Amplified Locomotion, Opening show for the passengers throughout Central Station, Antwerp, 2014
People of the ensemble: Joris, Jo, Tomas, Siet, Eva, Bert, Mike, Rufus, Johann, Warre, Max, …

- Factor 44, 2014 - Echnum's last day-excistance, together with Tomàs Ditborn, on skateboards, walkie talkie's, megaphones, Group-show, Antwerp, 2013-2014

- Echnum , Goodbye Fals Sir Nicolas, see you soon!, Antwerp, 2013


- Audioplant , Antwerp, 2013 (outside, around the house, running and ending inside)
- Tenace/ Convoi exceptionel, (on a boat performed together with Tomàs Ditborn, Warre Fungus and Rufus Mich, walking amplifiers), Antwerp, 2013
- Welvaert-Festival, Antwerpen, 2013 (me in a boat, Warre in a crane, Ed on a bike, Playing with the surroundings of the city)
- Groningen, (NL) (discodancing with Katinka and Hannah) on a little tour, 2013
- in a castle somewhere in Germany, (too bad no recordings, because/but it was memorable)  Setting: the garden in front of the castle, dark night, lightening and French-Garden-plants. Played by: me and Tomàs, 4 walkie-talkies and 5 megaphones. Roaming shadows, skateboard-doppler-effects, locomotions, bushes-men. (D), 2013
- Played also together in collaboration with DEBUITENLANDERS on a grass field on a three-lands-point. (D, L, B) Nobody was watching.