Koorvorming ONLINE

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Welcome at Koorvorming ONLINE:

A wonderful chaosworld where Energies between People will be displayed.

You can Join and Sing along, Improvise, and become fluid!

Go to experiments.samenschool.org/alonetogether/koorvorming.html

At certain moments you will get live video-guidance for singing together.

A graphic score will be shown to guide you through the play.

This is an experiment on how to sing together and make a choir. Being in our domestic places all singing together. The outcome is a choir of all people participating, all the collected streams trying to find each other's vibe and motion. There will be all kinds of energies floating in the air, feeling, and feeding an unconscious collective.

Research started during Radio In Between Spaces: https://www.inbetweenspaces.net

Selected performances: 
at Sankt-Interface 2020 Linz (see performance here
at Audio Art Festival 2020, Krakow in a Post-Paradise program: (see performance here).